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About Us

Though the Internet and software have been omnipresent and vibrant for the past 30 years, we are still in the midst of the digital revolution. Like with the previous industrial revolution, it took many decades for businesses and society to realign to the possibilities. 

While digital technologies seem to be accelerating, we can observe the inertia of organisations to adapt working with it. This inertia will be fatal for some. 

Digital is not just about the technology (call it big data, Cloud, etc), it is about bringing technology into the business value chains. This is very transformative for organisations that have so far seen technology as a department aside from the core business, often under a CIO. Digital Leadership is about redesigning organisations to integrate business and technology in collaboration, which involves: 

  • Aligning the end-to-end Flow of value, 
  • Ensuring operational excellence at all levels,  
  • Realising a strategy that balances emergence, alignment and coherence, 
  • Adapting the leadership and teamwork collaboration accordingly.

Those are the core focuses of this community. We aim to discuss and share those advanced topics and explore emerging techniques to reframe the approaches. The community also operates regular meetup events, and we are developing some trainings, which will soon be made available on this platform.

If it sounds interesting, please sign-up. If you have something to contribute or become part of the Steering Committee, please let us know. 

Why You Should Join Us

Digital leadership, and new systemic leadership in general, is a lifelong journey of challenging selves and learning. Our community is based on peer learning and developing the understanding of how the world of business is transforming. Everybody has something to learn and equally, everybody has a wisdom to share. Please join us and get stuck-in. 

A Big Thanks

A big thank you to our supporters and especially the Steering Committee, speakers, coaches who offer their time to bring their ideas and wisdom to the community.